Why I started Daisy Graze: My Journey to Creating a Dinnerware company

Why I started Daisy Graze: My Journey to Creating a Dinnerware company

Why I started Daisy Graze: My Journey to Creating a Dinnerware company

Hello, in case we haven’t met yet, my name is Janelle and I am the founder of Daisy Graze. Today marks a small but also big milestone for us, it’s our 1st Birthday!! 🥳 So I thought I’d sit down and tell you the story of how this all came about.

It all started when in 2020 when our family of 4 tried caravanning for the first time, renting a family van and going out to Gordon Country for a long weekend. Despite it getting down to -5 degrees and freezing our asses off, we had such a great time we came home and quickly sought out a van to buy of our very own.  

Soon after we took delivery of our new van and then of course had to fill it with all the necessities of a tiny home on wheels which included plates, bowls and cups!

After exhausting what felt with the entire internet, I wasn’t satisfied with the options available to me, everything either contained plastics, toxic to the environment and our health, couldn’t be microwaved or would be breakable. I eventually ended up settling on a wheat based dinner set from Amazon. It ticked some of the boxes but although they called it “natural and wheat based” it still contained PP (polypropylene) which was a form of plastic plus the colours they came in were a bit gross to be honest.

After using these in our van for a few trips I started to wonder if there was a material that could do everything I wanted.
Before long I began my research and I set out on a mission to create a dinnerware range that would meet all my requirements: something that was lightweight, eco friendly, microwave and dishwasher safe, drop proof and looked nice. After much sampling I had found my product. It was PLA.

PLA (or Polylactic acid) was made from plants, corn starch and bamboo and bound together with a food grade resin. This meant it was super safe for my family’s health and also biodegradable making it planet friendly.

And so, I took the leap to bring it to market and Daisy Graze was born. Fast forward to 2023, Daisy Graze is growing in interest and popularity every week for families at home and travelling. I am proud to offer a product that not only looks nice but is eco-friendly, good for people’s health and fully functional. And boy have we learnt so much along the way!

So far, the journey to creating Daisy Graze has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience and I am excited to continue to grow and evolve with the support of my customers. So to you, I thank you for helping make our first year a successful one and can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the future.
Happy grazing!

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