All of our products to date are made of a bio plastic called PLA.

PLA is short for Polylactic acid which is made from all renewable sources such as corn starch, bamboo, wheat & potatoes. And the best part, it’s fully compostable and biodegradable!

Not at all! All Daisy Graze products contain no melamine, BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead or mercury. Even the resin that binds it all together is food grade.

Nope! The non-toxic food grade colour pigments are mixed into the material before moulding and therefore will not leech or peel off with use.

Firstly, it is so much better for the environment. It’s made from renewable resources, produces far less carbon emissions and when you’re finished with it, it can be composted and absorbed into the earth.

Secondly, it’s so much better for humans. No longer do you need to worry about toxic chemicals leeching out of the very products you are serving your food on and then being absorbed into you or your children's bodies everyday.

Unlike traditional porcelain or stoneware which is known to be heavy when carrying to the table or unpacking the dishwasher, our PLA is super lightweight making it less taxing on your joints, easy for children to pick up and carry and not weighing down your caravan or camping gear.

Care Instructions

We wouldn’t have it any other way! All items can be washed in the dishwasher, preferably on the top rack and on a regular cycle under 75 degrees Celsius.

Of course! Just be mindful we are made of plants so recommended to reduce power setting to medium.

Again, we are a quality little dinnerware so freezer is all ok to –20 degrees Celsius.

We are made and tested to be shatterproof although not completely indestructible so if dropped it should be fine and never fear, we sell all items individually so super easy to be replaced in the rare event one is damaged.

Unfortunately, a small downside to using a natural product, without the synthetic (toxic) coatings that are usually present on dinnerware it is vulnerable to scratching from the pressure of especially sharp objects such as stainless steel knives, also because the PLA is less dense than the steel.

Shipping & Returns

We charge a flat rate of $7.95 shipping to all areas within Australia. We also offer free shipping for any order over $79.

We are currently only shipping to New Zealand and rates are charged at checkout and for everywhere else, check back again as we plan to ship worldwide soon!

We dispatch all orders within 1-3 business days from our warehouse in Brisbane via Australia Post. Depending on your location, it can then take 1-10 days to arrive in your hot little hands.

As soon as your order has been dispatched you will receive an email with a tracking number so you can see the current status of its travels to you.