What to do with your old plastic dinnerware

What to do with your old plastic dinnerware

Are you ready to toss your plastic plates to make way for a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative? BPA, BPS and other chemicals may leach from your plastic plates into your kids' food. Before you throw them into the bin, check out these 5 fun ways to reuse your plastic plates!


1. Bath Toys 

Using the cups and bowls in the bath or shower will provide endless fun for kids! Even add a little soap and watch them fill with bubbles.

2. Frisbees

Most plastic plates can make for great frisbees. Take them to the park, on holidays or in the backyard playing a game of frisbee with the kids or even the dog!

3. Drip tray

Place plates underneath pot plants to collect the excess drained water, keeping the water off your surfaces. 

4. Kitchen Play

The kids might love to use any old table or kitchenware in their imaginative play for pretend cooking, cafes and mud pies.

5. Paint Palette

Plates and bowls make great palettes for painting and the cup for rinsing brushes! 


Really the options are endless but there's a few to get you started. It's always better to recycle and reuse anything that's no longer needed instead of adding them to landfill. Let me know below any other activities you've used them for. 

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