Christmas gift guide

The Gift Guide

Christmas is Almost Here! 🎅🏼

As we jingle all the way through school wrap-ups, office shindigs, holiday hooplas, and the festive season frenzy, time is sure to fly faster than Santa's sleigh! But no worries, we don’t want you caught in a last-minute gift scramble.

Fear not! I’ve got your back with a sleigh-full of our most fabulous finds for both the kiddos and the grown-ups on your list... 🎁


The Traveller 

For those who love the outdoors but also like to do it in style. Our PLA range includes everything they need to enjoy meals of any size while caravanning or camping. Best of all it's lightweight, unbreakable and microwave safe! We recommend: The 16 piece Set or 24 piece Set

The Entertainer

We've all got that one family member who loves to entertain, to give you a hint, it'll be the person hosting Christmas Day.They're probably sick of wasteful paper plates or their fancy ones getting broken and would love an eco friendly alternative that's stylish, sturdy and can be thrown in the dishwasher at the end of the day.
eco entertaining set

The Kids

When you have kids, you never seem to have enough plates, bowls and cups.We can guarantee our kid's dinnerware will immediately become their favourite so you'll need some spares while the rest are in the dishwasher!Easy to hold in small hands, drop proof and microwave safe. This beautifully coloured plant based collection is a must have for kids (and mum's who like to know their kids are eating off plates that contains no nasties).
kid friendly eco plates

The Picnic Goer

There's nothing worse than feeling like a day at the beach or the park but having to eat of out plastic containers while you do so. Our sets are perfect to take along in your picnic kit, they're light to carry, won't break if dropped or stood on and can be thrown in the dishwasher once you get home. Best of all, they're biodegradable so if one accidentally gets left behind it won't live in the earth until the end of time.
We recommend: The 16 piece Set 
Eco friendly picnic set

The Guest

That friend or family member who always offers to bring something to an event. They are known for their fantastic salads, marinated meats or snack foods. 
We've got the perfect set of bowls with leak proof and air-tight lids enabling them to bring their favourite dishes with them to the party or lunch and not have to worry about spillage on the way. 
We recommend: The Everything Bowls & Salad Servers

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