Meet our grazers: Roamin Free

Meet our Grazers: Roamin' Free

This gorgeous Daisy Graze loving family are definitely no strangers to travel! They've been around Australia more than once and not to mention extensive overseas travel. Hear about their life of adventure below 👇

Tell us about yourself and your family.

We’re a family of 5 who love to travel, we are all adventurous & love exploring new places. Mike an Ex Police officer & Firefighter - Brooke - an Ex Travel Agent - 3 beautiful children Max, Mila & Daisy, we all now travel indefinitely.  

How long have you been travelling fulltime?

Into our 4th year of full time travel (3 years 3 months currently). 

What caravan and tow vehicle do you currently have?

Royal Flair Aussie Mate  & Land Cruiser 200 series. 

What was the first caravan you ever owned?

Jayco Expanda. 

What made you decide to pack up your home and travel?

We’ve always had a passion for travel and wanted our 3 beautiful children to experience it too. Expose them to new places, new people and cultures. Time is our most precious commodity so we wanted all our time with our kids, so we set up our lives so we were able to work online in order to live this lifestyle. 

How do you generate an income on the road?

Online Business - We do online marketing -  using social media, we also coach and mentor others to get started in the online space. 

What are your top 3 locations in Australia you’ve discovered?

Ningaloo Reef - Winderabandi

Daisy Graze x Romain free at Ningaloo

Cape Arid - Whartons Beach

Roamin Free christmas

Airlie Beach / Whitsundays 

Roamin free whitsundays 

One place you’ve yet to visit but dying to? 

We are super content with all we’ve seen throughout our travels in Australia.. we’ve been fortunate enough to visit 68 countries and the list is ever growing..we are dying to get to Cuba & Lapland in Finland which we will be doing both this year (2023) we are super excited and pumped & ready to explore! 

A memorable sticky situation you’ve found yourself in.

2021 - Our son got a severe infection on the Gibb river road, after 14 days in the Broome hospital he had to be flown to Perth for surgery. Very grateful the surgery was a success and he got to keep his leg and is in good health. 

Mexico 2020 - Brooke almost died from sepsis, she went into septic shock, all caused from the water getting into her bloodstream. We are incredibly grateful for all our health and lives, this also was a huge reason for us  to travel indefinitely & to spend all our time together, life can be too short. 

Your 3 must have caravan items

Compost toilet - no need for dump point, can go weeks free camping. 
Tow rig capable to take you anywhere you need to go, like endless days on the beach
Plenty of water tanks for longer time off grid 
And I have to add a 4th & 5th must 
Dyson hand held vacuum & our beautiful Daisy Graze dinner ware. 

Favourite easy yet delicious caravan meal.

Fresh Fish tacos crumbed with corn chips  - using the fish we’ve caught that day.

What advice would you give to others travelling or contemplating fulltime travel in the future? 

Just do it…  There’s no perfect time to start, just go. You can always get supplies on the road or upgrade on the way. Don’t overthink it. The only regret you’ll have is not going, live and love your life, you only get one life, so enjoy it doing what makes you happy.


You can follow along with the adventures via their Instagram and Facebook pages or watch on YouTube.

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