Meet our Grazers: Let's Get Outta Here

Meet our Grazers: Let's Get Outta Here

I first started following Carly & Kurt while they did their big lap a few years ago, drawn in by Carly's beautiful photography and documentation of the amazing locations around Australia they came upon. They've since settled back on the Gold Coast but still get away in their van often with a special little someone now along for the adventures as well. Continue reading to find out about their life of travel. 


Tell us about yourself and your family.

Our names are Kurt, Carly and Tully who is 4 months old! Kurt and I have been camping/caravanning for the last 7 years and love getting away at any possible chance we can. To be able to show Tully this life is an absolute dream of ours. 

How long have you been travelling?

We did a lap in 2020/2021 for a year without working and came back in August 21. We continued to go away at least twice a month after returning home and then found out we were having a baby in May 2022 so we slowed down a little but have now got back into travelling to a new destination twice a month again and are so happy! 


What caravan and tow vehicle do you currently have?

We currently have a Austrack Tanami 13x which is only 4 months old and our trusty Isuzu Dmax that took us around Australia. 


What was the first caravan you ever owned?

Our first ever caravan was an avan pop top caravan! We just went on a shopping trip one day to just 'look' at caravans for fun as we were camping in a tent still and we walked away with putting the despair down 🤣 and haven't looked back since! Our van we own now is our 3rd van and we have also camped in a rooftop for a year after we returned from our lap! 


What made you decide to pack up your home and travel originally? 

It was something we always spoke about, but having 3 years of fertility problems and the weight of that on our shoulders we wanted a break from life a little so decided to save pack everything up and take off for a year and it was the best decision we ever made! 

What are your top 3 locations in Australia you’ve discovered?

Fleurier Peninsula in South Australia is amazing 
The Kimberly's was a place to remember 
Tasmania was some of the most amazing landscapes we will remember 


One place you’ve yet to visit but dying to?

The Grampians in Victoria - we weren't able to get there on our trip due to covid so we will have to go back one day 


A memorable sticky situation you’ve found yourself in.

Being stuck on a track on our way to camp in far North Queensland so remote on a 46° day and we had already been driving for 6 hours we finally got the van unstuck and to the camp we had looked forward to our whole trip so it was worth the stress dirty red dirt and arguments in the end! 


Your 3 must have caravan items

Muk Mat to keep the dirt out 

Good dinnerware - lightweight items to save on weight 

Coffee machine lol I know I know princess right but it saves you buying them on the road 🙈


Favourite easy yet delicious caravan meal.

Nachos are our go to in a foil container pop all your ingredients in the foil containers cheese on top and in the Weber and you have the crunchiest most delicious nachos and even better no dishes for the win.  


What advice would you give to others travelling or contemplating fulltime travel in the future?

Do your research, on budgets, destinations and weather and times of the year! Also if you have just purchased a caravan or new car do a few shake down trips, we met so many people who bought the whole setup and just took off without testing things out first and spent the first couple of months readjusting sending stuff home and getting things fixed ( it will happen even on brand new vans so test is a few times to find out what doesn't work so you can get it done under warranty).


You can keep following along with Kurt, Carly and Tully's travels via their Instagram or Facebook pages.  

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