Easter Without The Guilt

Easter Without The Guilt

Here at Daisy Graze we love all holidays and Easter is no exception.

Whether it's a trip away, lunch with the extended family, down time from work, delicious foods or of course the look of pure wonder and excitement on the kids faces Easter morning when they wake to find the Easter Bunny has been and he's left some goodies... what's not to love?!

But with all holidays comes the overuse of disposable products which are less than ideal for our planet. So we've put together 3 quick tips to make your Easter a little more eco-friendly this year. 

Recycle egg foils 

Did you know Australians will spend $3billion on Easter eggs every year? That's a lot of aluminium foil wrappers! But luckily the foil is recyclable. To maximise this, don't put small pieces in the recycling bin as it may get sorted as paper. Instead wrap them all together in a large ball or put the little pieces into an aluminium can. 

Avoid unnecessary plastics and waste 

We totally get that using disposable dinnerware is so easy because you can bin them afterwards but we all know it's not great for the environment. We recommend investing in a good quality reusable set that will compliment your decor, can be thrown in the dishwasher afterwards and be ready for next time you're entertaining or even just feeding time at the zoo (I mean kids). 

Get crafty

Get inspired! You can create your own beautiful Easter gifts and treats to replace wrapped eggs and lollies. Even have a go at weaving your own baskets from natural materials. The homemade touch is sure to bring a smile to family and friends alike.

But most of all, remember to enjoy this time with your family and friends! 






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