Caravan Weight Saving Tips

Caravan Weight Saving Tips

If you already have a caravan or are researching to buy one will know that the weight of your caravan and everything inside it is a very important aspect to consider to ensure the legality and safety of you and your van. Not to mention the price of fuel these days (yikes)!

I've put together a basic list of easy ways to save some weight in your van.


1. Batteries 

If you're rocking an older van or one that contains AGM batteries you could look at switching them over to Lithium. In the weight alone, you'd be saving an impressive 20kg per battery! They are also smaller in size, more efficient and recharge faster. 


2. Dinnerware & Cookware 

Ok coming from us this is a no brainer but investing in good quality plant based dinnerware can save you a lot of weight as opposed to ceramic (5.7kg lighter for a set) or metal and much better for the environment than plastic, melamine and disposables. 

Your cookware can also be quite weighty so when shopping look for the lightest option and keep it minimal such as one frying pan and one saucepan only. 


3. Shower door 

Another common weight improvement is to replace the glass in your shower door with perspex or even do away with the door completely and use a shower curtain, saving up to 10kg. 


4. Washing Machine

Most modern family vans now come standard with a washing machine. If you're likely to only do small trips or stop at caravan parks often you could opt to not have the washing machine. Or if that's a non negotiable then look at getting a van with a top loader as they are typically 35kg lighter than front loaders, wow! 


5. Groceries & Drinks 

A handy thing to keep in mind is that if you're going to be staying somewhere non remote you can order your groceries from Coles or Woolworths and get it delivered direct to your site. We all know how heavy the groceries are when you try to carry them all in from the car! Same goes for alcoholic drinks, they can be delivered or pick them up just before you get to your destination. 

And try to only buy enough for your stay and then do the same at the next destination. 


6. Towels 

Not one you'd think of first but when we swapped our heavy gsm towels for microfibre ones it was amazing how much lighter they were and even more amazing how much less of that precious cupboard space they took up! 


7. Pack Less

And finally, we all tend to overpack and I get it, you don't want to go without some things just incase you or the kids decide to use it. I would suggest starting with less and more essential clothing, less sporting equipment such as scooters instead of bikes and for the rest you could take some small sticker dots and put them on items as you use them and then after 6 or 12 months, take out anything that doesn't have a sticker on it. 


If in doubt, pop into a roadside weigh bridge to find out the total GCM or some companies can come to you with scales. 

We'd love to hear any further weight saving ideas you've done so comment below! 


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  • Peter

    Exchange large gas bottles for small. Dump grey water tank at first opportunity, keep it empty. Buy drinks in aluminium cans, not glass. Every bit of furniture should be lightweight. Eg tubular/folding aluminium. Extra annexe poles etc. the same… Avoid sticking great big toolboxes or other extras on front and rear of van or tow vehicle. Evaluate trade off between safety and necessity.

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